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Screaming DEEP
Minelab GPZ7000
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DEEP POCKET Treasure Scoop Pouch
DEEP POCKET Treasure Pouch


If the company you are thinking of buying a Minelab detector from does
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Doc has.  Only dealers who have completed a series of specialized training are
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World' Best Metal Detection Technologies
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Doc's Gold Screamer Power Pack

Lose the cord, lose the weight, PUMP
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14 ounces gives you 7 to 8 hours of detecting power with the awesome amplification power of Doc's famous Gold Screamer amp.

We took the Gold Screamer amp, and added a 7800 mAh battery for the lightest, loudest power solution you will find for your GPX4000, GPX4500, GPX4800, or GX5000.

What do you get? 

2 - 7000 mAh Premium Lithium Ion Batteries*, 1 Gold Screamer Power Pack amplifier, 1 Deluxe AC/DC Battery Charger, and a Control Box cover with integrated pouch to house your cordless solution to detecting.


Now what we have come to notice is that by eliminating the big curly power cord and using a little short cord that is hard wired into the Gold Screamer with the other end having the 5 pin plug that attaches to your control box, all of a sudden these machines are running smoother.

Now along with the fact that you are getting rid of the curly cord, and the problem with getting caught on branches, we are speculating that perhaps some of the EMI has been caused by the big curly cord.

We know connection points are a weak chain in the link and they can cause interference, so the fewer the better. The curly power cord has two connectors, and if you were attempting to use an amplifier that meant even more connection points. With the GOLD SCREAMER POWER PACK there is one connector, the one that plugs into the detector. You have the power to run your detector, and massive amplification to hear even the faintest targets.

Making the detector run smoother was simply an unexpected benefit. The real benefit is the reduced weight, and the freedom of not being hooked up to your detector with a curly cord.

One Minelab Lithium Ion battery costs $570, and the amplification from the Minelab battery is good, but it may not be enough for people with hearing impairment. Doc's Gold Screamer Power Pack is ONLY $469 and it comes with two batteries. Because our system is modular, if you need yet another battery it is only an additional $45.

If you need an optional External Speaker, it is regularly $49.95, if you buy it with the system it is an additional $40. If it is too hot for headphones, or you want to be able to train someone, the speaker is an excellent tool. The picture below show Doc's special Slim Line speaker attached to the control box cover.

*We reserve the right to substitute components that function as well as or better than those pictured.  We are currently using DELUXE Power 2000 batteries.  The Power 2000 batteries are only 7000 mAh compared to the 7800 mAh howver they are 7.4 volts instead of 7.2 and they last almost a half hour longer in actual use.  Manufacturer on the batteries offers a 2 year warranty.


We can only warranty batteries for 30 days.  If you get a battery and it is working fine, (all batteries are tested before they are shipped) there is no reason why that battery should not give you years of service provided you take care of your battery.  That includes USING the battery.  Lithium Ion batteries like to be used, and recharged.  They do not like to be left laying around, with or without a charge.  If you store your battery, charge it and store it in a COOL place.  Recharge every 30 days!  Don't leave it in your hot car, or hot garage.  Never store a battery for more than 30 days without topping the charge off.  A fully charged battery should put out a voltage of at least 8 volts.  A discharged battery should read around 7.4 volts.  Do NOT discharge your battery lower than 7.2 volts.   NEVER NEVER NEVER fully discharge the battery of leave it attached to your machine when not in use.

ba-gsppp - Sale $469 
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Power Pack w/amp
GPX4000, 4500, 4800, 5000

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Power Pack with Speaker

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GPX4000, 4500, 4800, 5000


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Doc's Detecting is Happy to be a
distributor for the APEX Badger LT Pick

Weight: Approx. 2.75 lbs.
Head Size: Approx 10.0" x 3.5"
Handle Spec: 18" Hickory
This is a superb, and very well made
little pick.  One magnet under the blade.

Item: AC-badp

APEX, Badger LT
Pick complete with 1 super Magnet Retail $79.95
Your Price $67.95
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F. vidobp123 • Videos 1, 2, and 3!  Over 8 hours of in depth instruction covering the 3000, 3500, and 4000   Fast track your detection skills. 
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QWEEGEE™ QWEEGEE™ Quick Adjust Bungee

in the WORLD!

Does your arm get tired swinging your Explorer, Sovereign, Excalibur, SD2200d, GP Extreme, Whites, Fisher, Garrets, or even a Weed Whacker ? 


DOC's Swingy Thingy™ complete with Qweegee Q.A. Bungee $31.95
plus $7 shipping

Swingy Thingy

Sale $ 31.95
Global Priority Mail Shippling $25.

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Here's a typical email I have been receiving over the years:

"Hi Doc,

I bought me a EX-II thinking the extra ton-age wouldn't be a problem, but after 4-5 hours of hunting, my arm is ready to fall off. After 3 or 4 days of that, I had to quit early for the first time in ages. So, I give up."

You can plug in the name of about any metal detector made because I have heard the complaints about them all.  Didn't you buy a metal detector to have fun ?  Well it's not a lot of fun to have your arm become dislocated at the shoulder and have your eyeball pop out of the socket from the weight of carrying around a detector all day long.

That's why I invented the

Quick Adjust Bungee

How many more coins, rings, chains, goodies could you be finding if you could hunt all day in comfort ?  The SWINGY THINGY pays for itself !

"As a hunter myself I took a lot of time designing the SWINGY THINGY and Heavy Duty QWEEGEE™ Quick Adjust Bungee System with features and benefits serious hunters are sure to appreciate!" -DOC

First, when you are ready to hunt, you're ready to hunt.  You don't want some elaborate contraption that requires you to belt mount your control box, or takes 15 minutes to set up.

The Swingy Thingy is ready to go in less than 30 seconds.  Simply use the suspender like alligator clip and lock it over your left rear pocket if you are right handed.  Don't have on a belt ?  Not a problem, it will lock securely onto your shorts or bathing suit.  Metal Detecting naked ?  Well as long as you have hair on your rear it will grab that too !  OUCH !

Run the 2 inch wide webbing over the same shoulder as your swinging arm.

Next, run the 1 inch strap under your non-detecting arm, and snap it to the large "D" ring in the middle of your chest.  The 1 inch strap keeps the D ring centered and prevents the wide shoulder strap from falling off of your shoulder.

For you Explorer users the Bungee has been equipped with a PATENTED quick adjust hook that will fit round shafts or even the Explorer's rectangular shaft.  The first time it will be snug getting it on, but that's the way it is supposed to fit so it doesn't slide up and down, or fall off. 

BREAKING NEWS!  12/01/08
This old clip has been replaced with Doc's own design,


NEW INVENTION - the QWEEGEE™ Quick Adjust Bungee Clamp.

Introducing the QWEEGEE™

This new innovative design Quick Adjust Clamp is at the heart of the versatility of the Heavy Duty QWEEGEE™ Bungee.  It allows you to instantaneously adjust the length of the bungee for perfect lift.

Other company's bungees are clumsy, and require you to stop and readjust and retie and retighten the bungee to get the proper length.  Not with DOC's BUNGEE !  To readjust "on the go" simply pull the bungee down out of the "V" groove in the Quick Adjust Hook.  Find the proper length that gives you enough lift and tug the bungee back up into the "V" groove.  A perfect length for every detector with every coil in every condition, every time !

ATTENTION SD2000, SD2100, SD2200, GP Extreme and GP 3000 Owners

You say you have a Heavy Duty Bungee ?  I'll bet it works perfect when you are on flat ground, doesn't it ?  You are just happy as a hooker at a Las Vegas convention swinging that big ol' 18 inch coil; that is until you have to go up a ridge.  What happens to YOUR bungee as soon as you start uphill ?  It goes slack and now you are carrying all that weight on your arm and shoulder.  You could stop and untighten your bungee and readjust it and retighten it.  I mean it would only take you about 5 minutes right ?  But you don't!  You just muscle that sucker up the hill.  Then you start downhill, and your bungee isn't long enough, so you have to force the bungee to stretch to get the coil to touch the ground.

And you wonder why you feel like you have been run over by a truck at the end of the day ?  That's why you need

DOC's Heavy Duty QWEEGEE™ Quick Adjust Bungee

Quick Adjust Bungee
$18.95 plus $7 shipping
U.S. Only



Sale $ 18.95
Global Priority Mail Shippling $25.

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Starting up a hill ?  Don't even break stride,
reach down and readjust your bungee instantly !

That's right !  You guys and gals swinging those big Minelab gold machines, swing away in comfort all day long !  I swing an 18 inch coil on an SD2200d ten hours a day and I never feel it !  No more time consuming readjustment of your bungee to accommodate changing terrain, or a different size coil.

Simply attach DOC's Heavy Duty QWEEGEE Bungee by snapping the Quick Adjust Hook on below the bungee knuckle on the shaft of your detector.

I'm going to pat myself on the back here and tell you that I have paid attention to every detail in designing this bungee system right down to the selection of the snap!  I use the highest quality bungee, 1/4 inch !  I don't use those cheap cheesy red plastic ball bungee ends, I use a high grade PVC manufactured end made by one company in the United States.  Let's look at the ingenuity of something as simple as the design of that snap.

Did you notice that the gate on the snap will swing either way?  Not like a typical snap where you have to use your thumb and push the gate in to get the snap off of your "D" ring.  My snap is designed so that that you just pull the snap away from the "D" ring and it comes off!  No need to fumble around trying to get your thumb positioned just right on the gate.  Pull,  it comes off the "D" ring !  Push, it goes back on the "D" ring.

Now when your detecting a gully and decide to go up a ridge you keep moving, as you start up the ridge and the bungee goes slack, you reach down with your non-detecting hand, grab the grey bungee end.  To readjust "on the go" simply pull the bungee down out of the "V" groove in the Quick Adjust Hook.  Take out the slack, find the proper length that gives you enough lift and tug the bungee back up into the "V" groove.  A perfect length for every change in terrain, with every coil, every time, INSTANTANEOUSLY !


"Buy a Swingy Thingy™ with DOC's Heavy Duty QWEEGEE™ Quick Adjust Bungee or buy DOC's Heavy Duty QWEEGEE™ Quick Adjust Bungee by itself.  Use them for 30 days, if they aren't the best devices ever invented for comfortable metal detecting return it and I'll give you a refund of what you paid for it!  You're going to love these products!"  -DOC

Complete with
Heavy Duty QWEEGEE™ Quick Adjust Bungee
RETAIL $36.95
acst -
Sale $31.95
Charged $7 for Priority Mail in U.S. 


Swingy Thingy

Sale $ 31.95
Global Priority Mail Shippling $25.

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DOC's Heavy Duty
Quick Adjust Bungee

Retail $22.95
accjb -
Sale $ 18.95 
 $7 for Priority Mail
in U.S. only



Sale $ 18.95
Global Priority Mail Shippling $25.

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So what are people "in the know" saying about
Heavy Duty QWEEGEE™ Quick Adjust BUNGEE?


From: "PAUL PALOMO" <>
To: "Greg Lousignont" <>
Subject: Swingy Thingy
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 20:24:46 -0700

Hello Doc,

One of my hunting partners has a bad/weak elbow,  She's been using a lighter machine and always wanted to use my Explorer for long periods of time.  Only her bad elbow kept here from using my Explorer. 


Today, We hunted the beach and she used my Explorer fitted with the swingy thingy.  First time she was able to search for several hours wihout stopping for a rest.  Also,  First time she dug coins so deep :)  Big difference wih using my Explorer and her not so deep light machine. 


People can now upgrade to a heavier machine with the use of the Swingy thingy,  It makes a big difference.

Thanks Doc,
Paul (Ca)

Posted By: Charles (NY) <> (
Date: Saturday, 31 May 2003, at 10:44 p.m.

I have not used the Excellerator coil but I have used the WOT extensively. I was one of the first to drag that coil into the parks where lots of people said you could not use it but you can. I have found a ton of deep coins with the WOT, it locks on silver very hard and is quite sensitive to small items. I found some really tiny silver items and a few half dimes for example. Get DOC's swingy thingy though, without it my shoulder gives out in about 90 minutes. With one you can swing it all day long no problem.

Hey Doc! My Explorer just lost 4 LBS!!

Posted By: BuckeyeBrad <> (
Date: Saturday, 10 May 2003, at 1:30 p.m.

That's one heckuva detector diet plan you're selling there! I received my Swingy Thingy yesterday and thank you for the very speedy ship. My first impression is extremely positive. It's pretty slick that it's quickly and fully adjustable from being a "negative weight" (need a couple ounces downward effort) up to the the operator carrying the full weight of the detector like normal. Very nice! As you probably know our weather has been one storm after another so I haven't been able to really put some serious time into it yet, but early this coming week the weather is supposed to break for several days and I'll get a more involved opinion back to ya then.

For Those of You That Think That The Explorer is Too Heavy... Check This Out!!

Posted By: shellback <> (
Date: Sunday, 11 May 2003, at 10:29 p.m.

Got to try out Doc's swingy thingy today and heres my 2 wheaties worth!!! It is a very simple design and well built. You can tell a detectorist designed and built it. I have really never had any problem swinging the explorer myself but this really takes the load off, I was swinging today with literally 1 finger. The only thing I did notice was it limited the width of my sweep from side to side. You guys that don't like the weight of the explorer Doc's got your prescription!!


Todays results of using the Swingy thingy...Wow!

Posted By: Paul (Ca) <> (
Date: Tuesday, 13 May 2003, at 7:50 p.m.


Received my Swingy Thingy yesterday "Harness for Explorer" to lighten/balance and help provide longer hours of detecting. Doc asked for 10 volunteers to use and provide test results of the Swingy thingy harness. I'm one of the ten volunteers and just finished up three straight hours of using the harness. Before I go forward to share my results with the forum, I would like to take the time to say "Thanks Doc" for creating and providing us with a must needed tool "Swingy thingy harness" to help us enjoy our hobby even more. Those of you looking for a tool to help enhance the balance of the Explorer please pay special attention to what I have to share with the forum.

The first feature of the harness that stands out is the quality of fine workmanship put into the harness, Well made and easily sets up for quick use. When I first hooked up the harness, I realized all this time some of us have been taking things off of the Explorer or going to lighter coils to help us detect for long periods of time. Now with the Swingy thingy harness, You can go back to using your larger coils and need not worry about weight being an issue as before.

I've enclosed a couple of pictures of today's test results of using the Swingy thingy, The first photo is a self-pic wearing the comfortable harness while the second pic shows a close-up shot of the bungee cord attached to my Explorer upper shaft running under my meter housing up to my chest/shoulder harness. For those of you already using the harness or intend to add one to the Explorer please take note of how the bungee cord runs below my meter housing connecting to the upper shaft, This set-up allows you to have an even swing throughout the full motion of the swing. The coil and the Explorer feels like it's gliding on air with your hand used only to control the motion of the swing. If the bungee cord is placed against the outer meter housing the swing will not be equally smooth throughout the swing due to drag from pressure on the outer swing.

I can see how the Swingy Thingy will work well for those of you that beach hunt with larger coils for long periods or those of you wanting to go back to using the larger coils, With using the Swingy Thingy harness weight is not an issue anymore.

Thanks for taking the time to review my report.
HH, Paul (Cs)

First day out with Doc's Swingy Thingy!!!!  

Posted By: Exploreman <> (
Date: Tuesday, 13 May 2003, at 9:56 p.m.

Today I had the pleasure of using the Swingy Thingy at a grass covered park and I have to say that it is one of the best after market accessories for the Explorer since the x-1 probe.

I found it was much easier to attach the clip to the back of my utility belt before putting the belt on. Once I had the harness all hooked up, I did some experimenting with adjusting the tension on the bungee. If I held my ExII in my normal hunting position and adjusted the bungee to just let the coil touch the ground without having to push the detector down, I  could swing it effortlessly.

Some of the benefits that I already have found are:

1.I  can concentrate on finding targets for longer periods without having to take breaks to rest my arm.

2. In heavier grass it seems to slide right over it instead of being dragged thru it.

3. When I want to take a closer look at something I just dug,I have to put on my glasses, and that means I have to use two hands. Before the Swingy Thingy, I would lean the detector against my hip to free my other hand, but once in awhile the detector would slip off and fall to the ground ripping off my headphones at the same time. Now I can take my hand off the detector and it stays at my side just like a well trained dog ! 

Tomorrow I will go to the beach to give the Swingy Thingy a test run with the Wot. I could never use the Wot for more than an hour before switching back to a smaller loop.

Doc's Swingy Thingy... Used it for a couple hours yesterday...

Posted By: Guvner.. <> (
Date: Friday, 16 May 2003, at 10:25 a.m.

I strapped it on and after a while figured out what needed to be adjusted and got to where I was happy with it. Make sure you get the (right handers) strap on the left side of your body snug enough to keep it on your shoulder. Once you have that exactly where you want it the thing works flawlessly. Definitely a big plus for keep your arm from being worn out.

I only hunt when I can get away from the kiddies and that seems to only be once or twice a month of late and when I get away I try to last the whole day. Just doing that you're asking for trouble with an arm not used to swinging a coil all day.

It works... I will continue to use it and if you find your arm getting sore from your detecting habits you have a fix right here...

Good hunting... Guvner..

Swingy Thingy Review

Posted By: sfrantz (
Date: Tuesday, 20 May 2003, at 10:16 a.m.

I finally got out yesterday between rains to use the Swingy Thingy. The load is reduces to almost nothing. This works best on flat ground. I have been using another brand of harness and the response on the Explorer is the same. Because of the bungee system employed, there is stress to swing the machine to the right, then the bungee pulls the machine back to the left. This results in an uneven swing and cramping of the thumb. When trying to pinpoint you must pull the machine to the ground. After using the Swingy Thingy for 4 1/2 hours I unhooked the Swingy Thingy and the Explorer felt like a ton! I could barely move it around.

Negatives: A feeling of loss of control of the Explorer. Employing different muscle groups.

Positives: Much less expensive than systems promoted to reduce "some" of the weight. Almost total weight reduction resulting in many more hours of possible hunt time. Arms of equal size...HA!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to try and review the Swingy Thingy.

Report on Swingy Thingy !!!  

Posted By: Exploreman <> (
Date: Sunday, 25 May 2003, at 3:46 p.m.

I haven't been able to get on line for a about a week and a half due to my computer crashing. Now that I have my new computer up and running I will give the rest of my report and report the finding for the two other guys that don't have computers.

In my first report I stated how great it was using the S.T. for land hunting. This time I took it to the beach and used it with the WOT. I can honestly say that it worked great. I used the WOT for 4 hours and never got tired.

Cliff had a shoulder replacement done on Feb. 14th and went to the beach on several occasions since getting the S.T. and said that he was able to use his ExII for as much as five hours at a time without having to stop and rest his arm. He loves his Swingy Thingy and said that he doesn't have to use a hip mount conversion anymore.

Bob had his shoulder operated on in April and was told by his doctor that his shoulder wouldn't be strong enough to use a metal detector for at least 3 months. He has been going out metal detecting at least 3 times a week since getting his S.T. and the only problem he is having is where the strap goes over his shoulder it is a little tender, so he is going to buy some type of padding to put on his strap.
Doc, we want to thank you for letting us test the Swingy Thingy, and all three of us will not go out metal detecting without it !!!!!!
Thanks Again,

Ed,Cliff,& Bob   

Doc's Swing Thing :clap

Posted By: Jim Vokes NY <> (
Date: Monday, 26 May 2003, at 3:32 p.m.

I purchased a "swing thing" from Doc. It is a simple accessory designed to make the Explorer or any detector which might be using a larger coil, virtually weightless.

I found it simple to set up and it did exactly as advertised.

It did not get in the way or hamper my digging a hole or detecting in the park or the wood's setting.

I recommend anyone who feels that he/she wants to be able to hunt longer to look into this new product.

Have a great day!

Jim Vokes NY

What are people saying about DOC's
Heavy Duty QWEEGEE™ Quick Adjust BUNGEE ?

Alan in WA <> (
Date: Thursday, 8 May 2003, at 1:35 a.m.

I got back from the bush on Tuesday and one of Doc's bungee cords was waiting for me. Its only had a backyard test so far but it is going to make adjustments while on the move so easy. No more messing around with changing knots in shock cord and still not getting it right. Thanks Doc.

Posted By: Potholes Bob-N.M <> (
Date: Wednesday, 30 April 2003, at 12:47 p.m.

I just received the nifty "Quick Adjust" Bungee that you sent to me Doc, and it works just as good as you said that it would!

I have been using your bungee Doc, and it works just great! I especially like the feature that allows me to make quick adjustments when going up or down a hill!

The New ULTRA-Light
No Metal Professional Detecting Boot

So comfortable, you will never wear
any other footwear to detect in!

RETAIL $119.95

$96.95 plus s&h!

ONLY $96.95
We have all sizes including wides from 7 to 15

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410420_BTS-Wsole-540-02-y.jpg (10296 bytes)

Ultra-Light Water Proof 8 inch high BOOT


Your Stocking foot size is probably the most accurate
in determining what size you need.

If your foot is 4 inches or wider order an Extra Wide.

to Order

Heel to Toe

Sole Measurement

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Customer's Stocking Foot

standing on ruler











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When you're hard at work detecting you don't need the distraction of metal eyelets setting your detector off.  You need footwear that can keep up with you and enhance the detecting experience not frustrate it .

These boots have absolutely no metal, they are invisible to your metal detector.   They feature waterproof dirt proof construction without insulation.  Who needs insulation in the desert? 

A full grain leather upper and ballistic nylon construction.  The Spyder Gripper outsole delivers numerous points of contact with the terrain for superior traction and slip resistance.

With a polyurethane midsole and a fiberglass shank, this boot delivers lightweight stability. Engineered on an athletic/trail running last for added performance.  these are so comfortable when you put them on, most people report no break in what-so-ever.

Medium D Width 7 TO 11.5 in whole and half sizes 12,13,14 15 in whole sizes only

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These boots retail for $119.95


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