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Not All Kangaroo
Pouches are equal!
The picture below looks like a pretty nice pouch right?

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It's little!  And you won't be getting one like the one above!

This little pouch is pictured to the right of the LARGE
Authentic Aussie Kangaroo Scrotum Pouch like you will get!

$19 each, or 2 for $35 - $7 shipping for 1 or 2

CLICK HERE to order

A BIG Knacker Bag
small pouch, coin and ruler, gold, not included

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This pouch is representative of the one you will receive
as no two pouches are alike!


Our United States Customs Import Bond Number is:

Kangaroo's are neither an endangered or a protected
species and the skins and hides are not prohibited from import by
The United States Customs Service or United States Fish and Wildlife!
All of our pouches are imported and cleared through United States Customs.

The endangered species list can be found on
the United States Fish and Wildlife Services site:

Jackets, gloves, hats, vests, etc. made of Kangaroo hide are sold in department
stores throughout the United States.

Note: all kangaroo pouches are collected under the Kangaroo Harvest
that is regulated by Environment Australia - Wildlife
Protection (an Australian Federal Government agency whose job it is to
regulate and control the harvest and manufacture of all kangaroo leather)
with the ruling that only non-endangered species can be used.

These are really rare large pouches!  These large pouches are hard to come by.  However, I located the main licensed source for 90% of all Kangaroo Scrotums salvaged from the annual kangaroo harvest in Australia.  Through an exclusive agreement he sets aside all of the largest pouches for me.

Before I started selling these pouches I, like so many other people, ordered one from a dealer.  I was very disappointed when the pouch that arrived was the little dinky one I've pictured above. 

Since that time I located the the number one supplier of these Kangaroo Pouches in Australia and all of my pouches are hand picked to insure that I get the largest pouches available at the time I order.  Because I order so many pouches I am fortunate enough to get first pick of the large ones.

Knacker Bags: That's what the Aussies call these handsome leather bags made from a Kangaroo Scrotum.  They look, and feel, and smell just like cow hide.

With use they become very soft and take on a beautiful patina, just like cow leather.

No self-respecting bushman would be caught dead carrying their gold nuggets in a plastic film canister.

These are seamless and tough as nails and like I said very hard to come by.

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Contrary to what some people believe, Kangaroos are not an endangered species.  In fact annually Kangaroos are hunted to keep their population thinned down, otherwise the country would be overrun with them.

1.  Kangaroo's are not endangered, quite the contrary.

2.  No Kangaroo's are injured for the sole purpose of getting these pouches.  They are a by product of using the hide, and meat for many other things.

3.  Kangaroo leather is neither illegal to export, or to import into the United States.  If they were U.S. Customs would not clear them and would confiscate them.

4.  In Australia, hats, coats, hat bands, and virtually anything that is made of cow leather is made from Kangaroo leather.  

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