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Articles and Information of Interest
all articles are 2002 copyright G.M. Lousignont, Ph.D.
No portion may be copied or reproduced.

 • A Tour of N.W. Arizona Gold Country

 • A Gold Prospecting Story

 • Arizona Gold Country Pictures Part II

 • Gold Basin Outting 2000
 • Arizona Gold Country Pictures Part III  • Auzum How to make a arm cuff for your detector
 • Rye Patch Maps  • Conversion scale how to convert weights
 • Rye Patch Spring 1999 Report (HUMOR)  • Beanorama Spring 2002
 • Rye Patch Late Summer 1999  • "Get Your Hands Off Me Earl!" 
 "R" rated HUMOR
 • Metal Detecting Naked  •  Summer Heat Survival Techniques
 The Confusion over Coils, by Jack Lange  • Precautions for using Acid
 •  Getting the most out of your GP Extreme
by Jack Lange
 • How to keep from getting ripped off when buying    nuggets from auction sites
 • Beanorama Fall 2001 • The Eldorado Canyon Mining District; Circa 1863
 • You got a friend.  What happens when people care • Some reasons why you can't go out detecting - HUMOR
 • Gold Recovery Technique  • A Prospector's Christmas Story
 • Gold Basin Outing Fall 2002 • Of Christmas Joy - a Christmas Poem

• A Gold Prospector's Prayer (humor)

• A Prospector's Christmas Poem (humor)
• Mohave John Green's Web Page • Chris Hake's Web Page - Australia
• The Dreaded "J" Turn (True Humor) • Scottie "Jackhammer" Mathieson's Web Page
Treasures:  South of the Border Nugget Recovery Technique
The Amazing Joey Coil  

Ramblings and Writings of an Average Crazy Man

The Second Greatest Man That Ever Lived  

Stories Unrelated to Metal detecting


Some Things I've Learned From Gold Detecting and Prospecting

 • Move that trash!  by Digger Bob • Stupidity knows no limits - Septmeber 21, 2002


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