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Treasure Scoops Available

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     Hoss Blackman Demonstrates
Proper Target Recovery Techniques.

Knowing Proper Target identification and recovery will
significantly decrease digging time and increase your hunting time!
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Hoss Blackman

Hoss explains to a student that upon finding a signal the first step is to simply scrape off surface rocks with the your pick. 

This allows the coil to get flat on the ground to enhance any signal.  It also removes any iron surface debris, such as small boot tacks that may be causing the target signal. 


After removing the surface rocks, rescan the  surface.  If the signal has moved to your pile of surface rocks, run the magnet on the end of the Aussie Claim Jumper Pick handle through the rocks to see if you can attract any ferrous trash.

If not, scrutinize the surface items and debris for any possible surface nuggets.

  If however, the signal remains in the target area and it is enhanced, continue with the next step.

REMOVE approx.
2 inches of dirt

Don't get carried away.  Remove only 2 inches of additional dirt, keeping the sides of the indentation in the dirt smooth so as to facilitate smooth coil swing over the target area. 

Most hot rocks, and 80% of other junk debris will be removed within 2 inches of the surface.  However, remember there could be surface nuggets within the first two inches of soil. 

If the signal disappears from the target area, scan the soil you have removed and see if you can identify the source of the signal by once again using your magnet, and visual identification. 

If the signal is still in the target area, and it is a possible GOLD target, the signal should now be greatly enhanced.

If the Signal is Enhanced

Now is the time to go ahead and dig down about 4 to 6 inches. 

After digging

Once  you have dug a hole about four to six inches scan the hole and your pile of dirt.

When you dig the hole, avoid steep sides.  As the rapid change in depth will give a signal if the machine is an automatic ground tracking machine, because of the abrupt change in depth.

Ideally, your hole should be saucer shaped.

When your target is in the pile and not the hole you're ready for the next step.

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The Plastic Scoop,
such as the "Treasure Scoop" used by Hoss
any color except black!

A durable large plastic scoop is a must for efficient target recovery.

When the target is in the pile of dirt pinpoint the target in the pile.  Then use your scoop to pickup small amounts of dirt  and wave it over the top of your coil. 

If the target is not in the scoop return the dirt to the hole and take another small amount of dirt and wave it over the coil until you hear the target in the scoop.

Target Isolation

Now that your target is in the scoop, pour some of the dirt in your hand and hold it.

Wave the scoop over the coil, if the target is still in the scoop, throw the handful of dirt into the hole.

Repeat the procedure, pouring some of the dirt into your hand and waving the scoop over the coil until you no longer hear the target.  This means the target is now in your hand, so throw the scoopful of dirt into the hole. 

Target Isolation

Now pour the the dirt from your hand into the spoon and wave it over the coil.  The target should now be in the scoop.

You simply keep repeating the process until you have isolated the target from the dirt.  This whole process can take as little as 20 seconds.

The Reward

A 2.5 gram nugget recovered quickly and efficiently.

Measure the Depth

Taking a quick measurement of the depth at which your target was recovered is a good way of learning the capabilities of your detector on different size targets.

Fill in your hole - respect the environment

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