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We are happy to announce that
we are once again a dealer for Coiltek Manufacturing� Coils


Uni-Probes by DetectorPro

Retail $350

Uni-Probe Headphones
Top of the line headphones, with built in pulse induction detecting probe.  Works with any detector.

dp-puniRetail $299
Pocket Uniprobe.  Works independent of your detector.  Uses a 9 volt battery - it's an actual stand alone pulse induction detector !

Sale $315 

Sale $270

Swingy Thingy
Satisfaction Guaranteed !

"If you are only going to buy one accessory for your metal detector this year, make this it !"

Retail $36.95

Makes any detector float weightlessly.  Bungee adjusts instantly for perfect length !

It's been called:
"The most important accessory for metal detecting ever invented!"

Use it for 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied return it for a refund of the purchase price less shipping charges! Includes Doc's exclusive Heavy Duty QWEEGEE, Quick Adjust Bungee.

Sale $31.95
shipping flat $7
Disregard cart shipping charges you will only be charged $7 U.S. Only


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Swingy Thingy

Sale $ 31.95
Global Priority Mail Shippling $25.

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Quick Adjust Bungee

Retail $22.95
Take the weight off of your GP or SD.

Instantly adjusts for proper length, even while you are still moving.  You start up a ridge, and the bungee goes slack, reach down, pull the bungee out of the patented V Groove adjustment hook, tug it back into place and you have perfectly adjusted the bungee instantaneously.

Swing those big coils all day long without fatigue!

ac-qab Sale $18.95 
 FLAT $7 for s&h
U.S. Only


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Sale $ 18.95
Global Priority Mail Shippling $25.

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Doc's Gold Screamer
Combo Belt Pack

New Model Available
Olive Drab Green only

ac-wcbp $  $89.95
These are very difficult to get and to keep in stock.  

You have never felt such comfort ! WIDE padded waist band supports and distributes battery weight so you don't even notice it's there.  Pick holder, canteen holder and canteen, battery pocket, and extra pocket for granola bars etc. all standard!

This is one sweet rig.  Make your detecting more comfortable and you will be able to concentrate better on hearing those faint targets that could be deep gold!

Retail $119.95



A. ba-12vsc � Retail $74.95 � Smart Charger for 12v batteries
SALE $69.95


B. ba-dcac � Retail $44.95 �DC to AC Inverter allows use of Smart Charger, or other small AC items, in car.
SALE $39.95


C. ba-acdc � Retail $34.95 � AC to DC converter use your standard Minelab car charger in your home.
SALE $29.95


DOC's Own Brand
Step Up Regulator &
In-Line Voltage and Amp Meter
These are Amazing!

Step up your regular Minelab 6 volt battery to 7.2 + volt output for your SD machines, with our voltage booster regulator!

A. ba-sur Retail $219  6 volt to 7.2 + volt step up regulator for SD machines only. Keeps constant voltage until battery drops to 5.6v. Low battery warning light. 1 hour detecting for each amp hour the battery is rated for. 12 amps = 12 hours


B. ba-ilvm � Retail $119.95 � In-line voltage meter, measures voltage of batteries as well as amp draw while under load ! AMAZING! This is a must have tool!
SALE $94.95




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