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We are happy to announce that
we are once again a dealer for Coiltek Manufacturing Coils


Any item that has a nugget indicates there is additional
information available, simply click on the nugget!

*Due to the fluctuating dollar, all prices are subject to change without noitce


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A. ac-acj - 26 inch handle
Aussie Claim Jumper Pick
nugo.gif (2139 bytes)The famous Aussie Claim Jumper Pick Retail $69.95


ac-ACJ Sale $ 59.95
Aussie Claim Jumper Pick
26 inches Long

B. ac-w1w, Aussie Large WALCO Pick, 23 inch handle. Good for hard rock mining, and hard ground. Retail $ SOLD OUT

C. ac-w3w. Famous Aussie Prospectors WALCO pick. Designed by DOC.  20 inch handle. SOLD OUT  

nugo.gif (2139 bytes)Recovery Techniques


Need A SUPER MAGNET for your Pick?

ac-W1W Sale $ 100
Large Walco
23 inches long
Limited Quantity

ac-W3W Sale $89
Small Walco
21 inches long
Limted Quantity



FREE Super Magnet Included

DOC's Ground Squirrel Gold Pick.  Go ahead, try to break it!  We dare you!  Break it under normal use and we will replace it!  FOR LIFE to original owner.  We manufacture these ourselves.  The heads are forged, not cast or cut from disk harrow blades. The head has a welded ring to hold a super magnet.  The premium grade handle is 35 inches long, simply cut to length for your own comfort.  Retail $100

The shorter the handle the less expensive it is to ship.
The shipping charges the cart calculates will be an estimate.
When the pick is long U.S. Postage is determined by the dimensional
weight unless you are in a state adjacent to Nevada, like California, Arizona, Utah.  So unless you are in these states try to keep the handle as short as possible to save on shipping.  We will adjust the
shipping charges accordingly before we charge your credit card.
The shopping cart will probably figure the shipping way too high, we
will fix it.

ac-gsp Sale $ 79.95
Ground Squirrel Gold Pick
35 inches Long

ac-SZ $44Sting Zapper New
Bite Zapper





This unit has a postive ON / OFF slide.  This prevents the spring loaded switch from being accidentally depressed while unit it packed in your bag and causing total battery discharge.

*** NOTICE **** While the box says these units are 100,000 volts THEY ARE NOT!  Please be confident that these have been modified to 25,000 volts.  We have sold  thousands of these units for for over 26 years.  Each one is modified to the recommended 25K volts.

Clinical Trials have shown this device to be ineffective against snake venom. No warranty is offered or implied for the use of this item for any purpose what-so-ever.  It is the buyer's responsibilty to determine the appropriate use of this item.  By buying this device you accept all  responsibility and acknowledge that you use this at your own risk.

DO NOT DRY FIRE - as this will burn the unit out.


ac-SZ Sale $ 37
Zapper Neutralizer

ac-SZ2 2 for Sale $ 69.95
BUY 2 and $AVE
Zapper Neutralizer

Jack Langes Nugget
Finding Secrets Videos & Modern Day Prospector Music
A. Volume I - 90 minutes
B. Volume II - 110 minutes
C. Volume III - 122 minutes
D. Volume IV - 100 minutes special section on GP !
E. Modern Day Prospector Music CD - 12 original metal detecting songs Great gift! Hilarious !

A. DVD1 Sale $ 29.95
Volume I Secrets

B. DVD2 Sale $ 29.95
Volume II Secrets

C.  DVD3 Sale $ 31.95
Volume III Secrets

D. DVD4 Sale $ 31.95
Volume IV Secrets

E. cdmp $ 19.95
Prospector CD Songs

Nugget Boxes


Hand Made - GOLD HEART
Beautiful Wood Nugget Boxes
These beautiful boxes will hold all of your treasure. They are inlaid, not painted, with beautiful designs!

A. ac-nbs small nugget box, x 1 x 2  $12

ac-NBS SALE $10
Nugget Box SMALL

B. ac-nb3 1 x 2 x 3 $18

ac-NB3 Sale $ 15

C. ac-nb4 1 x 4 x 6 $44.95

ac-NB4 Sale $ 39.95

D. ac-nb2 1 x 2 x 2 $16

ac-NB2 Sale $ 13

E. ac-nbl x 1 x 3 $15

ac-NBL Sale $ 12

F. ac-nbml x 1 x 3 $13

ac-NBML Sale $ 11

The design on the top is all inlaid, it is not a decal or painted on.  These are pieces of art.  No two are identical.   Each has a small heart burned into the bottom.  A heart is the SPANISH treasure symbol for gold.


A. ac-gplg Large Gold Pan Green 14 inch diameter Retail $7.95

A. ac-gplg Sale $ 5.95
Large Gold Pan Green

B. ac-gplb Large Gold Pan Black Retail $7.95

B. ac-gplb Sale $ 5.95
Large Gold Pan Black

C. ac-gpsg Small Gold Pan Green 10 inch diameter Retail $5.95

C. ac-gpsg Sale $ 4.95
Small Gold Pan Green

D. ac-gpsb Small Gold Pan Black Retail $5.95

D. ac-gpsb Sale $ 4.95
Small Gold Pan Black

E. ac-lp 10x by 21mm loupe Retail $27.95

E. ac-lp Sale $ 17.95
10x by 21mm loupe

F. ac-gsb Gold Snuffer Bottle Retail $4.95

F. ac-gsb Sale $ 3.50
Gold Snuffer Bottle

G. ac-gsv Plastic gold specimen vial Retail $ .75

G. ac-gsv Sale $ .50
Plastic gold specimen vial

H. ac-tsy Treasure Scoop Yellow Retail $8.95

I. ac-tsg Treasure Scoop Green Retail $8.95

nugo.gif (2139 bytes)Recovery Techniques

I & H. ac-TS Sale $7.95

ac-kil,90 2280 $119.95
Ultra-Light Boot
8 in. high
No Metal Professional Detecting Boot






When you're hard at work detecting you don't need the distraction of metal eyelets setting your detector off.  You need footwear that can keep up with you and enhance the detecting experience not frustrate it .

These boots have absolutely no metal, they are invisible to your metal detector.   They feature waterproof dirt proof construction without insulation.  Who needs insulation in the desert? 

A full grain leather upper and ballistic nylon construction.  The Spyder Gripper outsole delivers numerous points of contact with the terrain for superior traction and slip resistance.

With a polyurethane midsole and a fiberglass shank, this boot delivers lightweight stability. Engineered on an athletic/trail running last for added performance.  these are so comfortable when you put them on, most people report no break in what-so-ever.

Medium D Width 7 TO 11.5 in whole and half sizes 12,13,14 15 in whole sizes only

Wide EEE Width  7 TO 11.5 in whole and half sizes 12,13,14, in whole sizes only

These boots retail for $149.95

Your price is only $129.95 plus s&h!*
Money back guarantee less shipping if you are not satisfied. 
Return within 10 days in original unused condition.


In addition to your size, when you check out there is a space to include comments.  We need you to STAND on a ruler, in your stocking feet and give us the exact length of your right foot in inches!  

Then, measure the sole of a shoe or boot that fits you well and let us know how long the sole is from the heel to the toe.

If you will just take a couple of minutes to do this, it will insure that we get you the proper fitting boot the first time.  These boots run true to size.  However, about 5% on the people say they are a little smaller than what they are used to, and 5% say they are a little larger than what they are used to.  So it depends on the kind of shoes you currently wear.  If your foot is 4.5 inches or larger you will need a WIDE.

CHECK the SIZING CHART to get a perfect fit!

Regular Price $149.95

SALE $129.95
Professional No-Metal detecting Boots

scrw250.JPG (42326 bytes)sc-RW250 $89.95

250 gram capacity gold scale.   Fits neatly in your shirt pocket, has a closing door and small gold dust tray and calibration weights.

Has a tare function.  Place the gold tray on the scale and hit tare to reset the scale to zero.  Add your gold dust or nuggets and you get a precise weight.

This scale weighs in grams, penny weights, ounces and troy ounces.  It weighs to the tenth precision, for example 4.2 grams.  Great value, scales with similar functions can cost as much as $300.

Uses Triple AAA batteries, INCLUDED!

sc-RW250 Sale $ 64.95
Precision 250 gram electronic scale


ac-DPH $34.95

Detector Protector Hat
Soft lightweight t-shirt material with SPF 40. Protect your skin and neck from skin cancer. These fantastic hats will not interfere with headphones; as a matter of fact they keep your ears cooler and dryer because they wick away moisture. Colors may differ, but all are light colored. One size fits all.

Detector Protector Hat -
SPF40 to protect your skin from the sun

This hat may look funny but you will never wear anything else to detect with!  One size fits all, fully adjustable.
Detector Protector Hat does not interfere with headphones.  Soft clothe material wicks away mositure, keeping your ears cool and dry under hot headphones.

ac-DPH Sale $ 29.95
Detector Protector Hat


A. sc-rw360 Weighs in gram, dwt, oz, troy oz. 360 gram x .1 precision. Very popular.  RETAIL $89.95

sc-RW360 Sale $ 64.95

B. sc-rwct GEM SCALE, weighs in CARATS, grams, oz, and dwt. 150 gram capacity RETAIL $94.95

sc-RWCT Sale $ 69.95

C. sc-js120 Weighs in grams, oz, and dwt. 120 gram capacity by .1 precision. RETAIL $54.95

sc-js120 Sale $ 34.95

D. sc-rw120g Weighs in grams only. 120 grams x .1 precision. RETAIL $42.95

sc-RW120g  Sale $ 29.95

snkgrdz.jpg (47117 bytes)ac-SG $89.95
Snake Proof Gaiters

Guaranteed to protect you from snake bites.   Absolutely no metal in these gaiters!

Flexible flaps protect the instep where many bites occur.

Measure the largest part of your calf to determine size.

Medium = 9 to 14 inch calf
Large = 14 to 18 inch calf
X-Large = 18 to 23 inch calf

ac-SG Sale $71
Medium = 9 to 14 inch calf
Large = 14 to 18 inch calf
X-Large = 18 to 23 inch calf


All scales come with batteries

A. sc-rw250fs Weighs in gram, dwt, oz, troy oz. 250 gram x .1 precision. Great little pocket scale!  $79.95

sc-rw250fs Sale $ 49.95

B. sc-mw350 Weighs in gram, dwt, oz, troy oz. 350 gram x .1 precision. A high quality scale, large digital readout. $102.95

sc-mw350 Sale $ 79.95

C. sc-ps500c Weighs in gram, dwt, oz, troy oz. 500 gram x .1 precision. Includes a solar powered calculator. $99.95

sc-ps500c Sale $ 74.95

D. sc-ms500 Weighs in gram, dwt, oz, troy oz. 500 gram x .1 precision. Has a back light for easy reading.  $69.95

sc-ms500 Sale $ 44.95

E. sc-rw3000 Weighs in kg, grams, oz, and pound and ounces. Meteorite Scale weighs 3000 grams or 6.5 lbs in 1 gram increments. Includes weighing bowl, bowl not pictured. $89.95

sc-rw3000 Sale $ 64.95


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