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DOC's Useful Links for Detectorists


 • The Finders Forum Australia  • California's Gold Rush Country
 • Arizona Nugget Prospector's at Yahoo Groups  • The Outdoor Channel
 • Tom Ashworth's Prospector's Web Site  • Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
 • Eric Foster's Pulse Induction Technology Forum  • Gold Prospector's Association of America
 • The Australian Prospecting MSN Group  • Aussie Gold Prospecting Page
 • Alaska Gold Forum  • Findmall Forum for Sovereign Owners
 • Bill Southern's Nugget Shooters Web Site  • Findmall Forum for Explorer Owners
 Rob Allison's Gold Prospecting Web Site  • Prospecting Forum at Findmall hosted by DOC 
 • Gold Prospecting  • Shirttail Creek Gold Prospecting
 • Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada  • Gold Prospecting Net
 • Nugget Shooters Forum  • Microsoft Terra Server Satellite Images
 • Treasurenet Prospecting Forum  • Find Places to hunt with GPS Co-ordinates
 • Anantomy of a Mine  • Minelab Metal Detectors
 • Best Nugget Cleaning Setup, Gem Oro UL702 with heat and use Magic Green, under Solutions  • Go Metal Detecting . com
 Alluvial Gold Prospectors  

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