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Postum Jars_0019Simple.   Healthy.   Delicious.

POSTUM ® is a healthy coffee alternative and is good for the whole family.  Our simple ingredients ensure that each cup is filled with nothing but the best for your body.

Since its introduction by C.W. Post in 1895, POSTUM ®  has kept its popularity for several reasons.  Primarily, it is a coffee replacement for those who have dietary and health restrictions.  POSTUM ®  is caffeine free and doesn’t cause sleeplessness, high blood pressure or digestive problems often linked to coffee and tea.  With a rich savory roasted flavor, POSTUM ® is perfect for those who are looking for a coffee replacement without the acidity or bitterness.

If you suffer from Acid Reflux, Postum's pH is perfectly balanced so it will no aggravate your condition like coffee or tea.


Another important factor in POSTUM’s® popularity is that it is a coffee substitute for those with religious dietary restrictions such as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Seventh-day Adventists.  Both groups live by strong health codes that ask members of their faith to abstain from coffee products.

These two cultures are not the only people who prefer roasted wheat and molasses over coffee.  Many people throughout the world are health conscious and prefer a full-bodied drink with good flavor like POSTUM® to go along with their positive lifestyle.

For your satisfaction, POSTUM ® is made from the highest quality wheat grains, custom roasted and sweet molasses to give it that one-of-a kind taste that has made it a mainstay of households for more than 100 years.  It contains no coffee or coffee byproducts or tannic acid and is caffeine free.



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