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Arizona Gold Country Pictures Part II

A Day of Exploring Arizona Gold Country

Typical Arizona Gold Country

Typical Arizona Gold Country gc2.jpg (54672 bytes)


Example of Quartz Outcropping


Example of Quartz Outcropping


Crumbling Quartz


Crumbling Quartz


Typical Arizona Gold Country Looking Down from 3500 ft.


Roads to old mining locations


Cyclopic Mine Open Trench Following a Quartz Vein


Frye Mine, Open hole with shafts


The Gold Buggy in a Wash by a Promising Ridge. I found the 6.1 gram "South America" Nugget (pictured below) within walking distance from here.


The Gold Buggy at 3700 feet

 6.1 gram nugget I named “South America”
Found with a Minelab XT18000 with an 11 inch Double D coil
Found on my third trip out Nugget Hunting
in 1997 – Beginners Luck!

• Using the conversion charts, the above 6.1 gram nugget weighs in pennyweights (6.1 gram X .64 = 3.90 dwt) pennyweight is abbreviated “dwt”
• 6.1 gram nugget expressed in troy ounces is (6.1 gram X .032  = .195 Troy ounce or about 1/5th of a Troy Ounce


Other nuggets I have found.

To convert:

• Avordupois Ounces to Troy ounces multiply by .91
• Avordupois Ounces to pennyweight multiply by 18.2
• Avordupois ounces to grams multiply by 28.35
• Troy ounces to grams multiply by 31.1
• Troy ounces to pennyweight multiply by 20
• Troy ounces to pounds troy, divide by 12
• Pennyweight to grams multiply by 1.56
• Pennyweight to troy ounces multiply by .05 (or divide by 20)
• Grams to pennyweight multiply by .64
• Grams to troy ounces multiply by .032
• Grams to carats multiply by 5
• Carats to grams multiply by .2 (or divide by 5)
• Carats to “Points” multiply by 100.
• “Points” to carats multiply by .01 (or divide by 100)

Weight Conversion Chart for Silver, Gold and Gems

Troy Weight – gold and silver are measured in Troy weight, a system that includes pennyweights, ounces and pounds. The
ounces and pounds do not equal the Avordupois or customary U.S. system that other common goods are measured in. For example a troy ounce weighs about 10 percent more than a Avordupois ounce.

• 24 grains = 1 pennyweight = 1.5552 grams
• 1 gram = .64 pennyweight
• 1 pennyweight = 1.56 grams or .05 troy ounce
• 20 pennyweight = 1 troy ounce = 31.1035 grams
• 12 ounces = 1 pound troy = 373.24 grams.