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Otter Waterproof Boxes

MSRP: $49.95

Your Price: $44.95

A. ob-1000 � outside 4 3/8 x 2 7/8 x 1 3/8 B. ob-2500 � outside 6 � x 3 7/8 x 3 3/8 C. ob-3500 � outside 8 3/8 x 4 3/8 x 4 D. ob-2000 � outside 6 …

KOSS Noise Reduction Headphones ,ac-qz5

MSRP: $49.95

Your Price: $44.95

These headphones are made especially for metal detecting. They are very loud and have excellent tone. The ear muffs block out external noise so you can hear those faint targets. Mono/stereo switch, and comes with 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch …

Real Shearling Arm Cuffs,ac-acn

MSRP: $49

Your Price: $44

Padded arm cuff for GP and Sd�s that have the new style Minelab metal arm cuff, that has snaps to attach the arm straps to. This is made from REAL Lamb Shearling and is so comfortable! I’ve found that when …

Kangaroo Pouch,ac-KP

MSRP: $25

Your Price: $19

Authentic Kangaroo Scrotum Nugget Pouch! These are tough to get in this large size. Aboriginals have used these for centuries because they have no seams to wear out. These pouches are a by-product of the annual Australian Kangaroo harvest that …


MSRP: $57

Your Price: $49

Neoprene protective cover for GP Extreme. Stretches over your Signal enhancer to protect it too!

Super Magnet 1 inch X 1/4 inch Super Strong, Can Cause Injury

MSRP: $15 each

Your Price: $12 each

Super magnet. These are rare earth magnets, the strongest kind. These are not magnets that were salvaged from some piece of scrap equipment. These magnets are manufactured specifically to my specifications. They are 1/4 thick and 1 inch diameter. They …

ac-FSO ,Complete Fiberglass shaft

MSRP: $220

Your Price: $159

Just transfer your handle, bungee knuckle, and arm cuff over to this fiberglass rod and take some weight off. Rather than having the upper part of your detector shaft being metal, this gives you a heavy duty fiberglass shaft all …


MSRP: $56

Your Price: $49

nugo.gif (2139 bytes)Heavy Duty power Cord. Over twice the thickness of the supplied power cord. For all SD’s and GP. SD2000 and SD2100 users need the ba-PB power block adapter. Four prong female plug on each end.

Doc’s Swing Arm

MSRP: $60

Your Price: $52

“I guarantee your detector will feel 50 percent lighter using the swing arm!” This swing arm is made in Australia and I just can’t believe what a difference it makes in terms of making detecting more enjoyable. It splits the …


MSRP: $36

Your Price: $31

Charger Lead for SD2200d Minelab batteries with plastic dome. 4 prong female each end. Don’t tie your curly power cord up just to charge a battery!

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