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25000 V Stun Gun Neutralizer Zapper

Manufacturer: #01 Doc's Exclusive Product



This unit has a positive ON / OFF slide.  This prevents the spring loaded switch from being accidentally depressed while unit is packed in your bag and causing total battery discharge.

*** NOTICE **** While the box says these units are 100,000 volts THEY ARE NOT!  Please be confident that these have been modified to 25,000 volts.  We have sold  thousands of these units for for over 26 years.  Each one is modified to the recommended 25K volts.

While the internet abounds with anecdotal reports of people using these types of devices to neutralize venom, we can not endorse this product for this use.  This device is not offered to be of any benefit for any use what-so-ever. Use at your own risk.  Please do not think this device is a self-defense device, it is not strong enough to fend off an assailant, and will probably just make them more agitated.

Clinical Trials have shown this device to be ineffective against snake venom. No warranty is offered or implied for the use of this item for any purpose what-so-ever.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine the appropriate use of this item.  By buying this device you accept all  responsibility and acknowledge that you use this at your own risk.

DO NOT DRY FIRE – as this will burn the unit out.

DISCLAIMER:  There has been no scientific evidence that this device is effective against snake venom or any other kind of venom.  This device is not offered to be of any benefit for any use what-so-ever.  Use this device at your own discretion and at your own risk.  This device has no FDA approval for any use.

Study shows Stun Gun ineffective against Snake Bites

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