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Dome Top Battery for SD Series and GP Series 6volt 12 amp hour

Manufacturer: #01 Doc's Exclusive Product

Dome Top battery with anti-short protection fuse.  When fuse trips, putting it on the charger for 10 seconds will reset it.  This only happens if you short circuit pin 1 and 4.  Unfortunately it is getting more and more difficult to find these batteries.  They are no longer listed on the Minelab price list.

The 6 volt 12 amp hour battery will give you around 14 hours of runtime, depending upon the size coil and whether you are using an amplifier and speaker.

These batteries are suitable for the Minelab SD2000, SD2100, SD2200, GP series including the GP Extreme, the GP3000 and the GP3500.

Be extremely careful about purchasing these over the internet as you never know whether they are new or old.

All of Doc’s batteries are fresh and brand new.  We actually build these batteries as they are ordered and each one is checked to make sure it is giving top performance.  We have our manufacturing facility form the dome top and then the top is wired with the best components available.

As you probably know these 6 volt 12 amp hour batteries are heavy, 5 pounds!

Because of this we also offer a 6 volt 7 amp hour battery that will give you about 8 hours run time.  These way only about 3 lbs.  This is plenty of run time for the average detectorist.  If you have a bad back, and have two of these lighter weight batteries, if you need to detect longer than 8 hours you will have a backup.

You will find life much more enjoyable when you are detecting in comfort.

Retail Price: $113 / 93

Your Price: $94.95 / 84.95

Dome Top Batteries for Minelab SD/GP Metal Detectors Gel Cell