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EQUINOX 600/800 Grey Digital Camo Cover Set

Manufacturer: #01 Doc's Exclusive Product

Protect that new Shiny Equinox, 600 or 800.

You can buy the entire Cover Package which includes the Control Head Cover and the arm cuff cover, a new strap and the shade cover.  Use the ADD TO CART Option drop down.

This package offers protection for your machine as well as comfort for your arm.
• Tough Canvas exterior
• Thin neoprene lining offers insulation from direct sunlight and cushion to protect your detector
• Arm Cuff comes with brand new strap or use the strap you have and keep new one for a spare
• Back of head cover offers a mesh panel over your speaker to let the sound out, and not muffle it
• Good custom fitted cover, not some ill fitted nylon bag
• Elastic band to make sure your charging cable stays put
• Removal Shade Cover

We have gotten 100% positive reviews on Ebay for this Cover Set.  Buy it, use it for 30 days, if you don’t like it you are welcome to return pre-paid for a refund less the shipping cost you paid to initially send it to you.


To perfectly align the holes of the cover over the button you must use the supplied hook and loop, type tabs.

The holes were very hard to work with.  At first we tried a long slit, but that made the cover fit loosely because the slit spread open.

We found the solution was to use the two small holes and the hook and loop gripping material.  Stitched inside the cover below the holes are two pieces of Loop material, or could be hook, one on each side under the button holes.  Attached to those are two removable adhesive backed pieces of the opposing material, either hook or loop.

Start with the cover off of the machine.  Take the two adhesive backed pieces of hook or loop, whichever was provided.  Peel the back off and place one piece 1/4 inch under the lower of the two buttons on one side of the detector.  Do the same for the other side, 1/4 inch below the bottom button.

Start putting the cover on the detector, but stop where the stitched hook and loop tab on the cover gets about over the buttons.  At this point you will want to use a two narrow, flat, smooth objects to shove between the cover and the detector on the sides.  I used butter knives, actually I used the plastic disposal type of butter knifes, because they were light weight.  You may have received two wooden popsicle type sticks in your package to assist you in positioning the holes in the cover over the buttons correctly.

The purpose of the knife  is to cover the hook and loop that you have adhered to your machine, and allow the hook and loop that is stitched inside the cover to easily slide past one another until you are ready to position the holes and get them aligned perfectly.

Continue to slide the cover on, once it is all the way on you will have the two knifes sticking out of the sides of the cover.  You will want to gently withdraw them one at a time just to the point where you can see the button through the holes.  Do one side at a time.  Do not withdraw the knifes any further than where you can just see the buttons through the holes, or the hook and loop will stick to each other and prevent you from aligning the holes properly.

Working with one side at a time, position the holes perfectly over the buttons.  Once the holes are perfectly aligned on the first side, slowly withdraw the butter knife, and push the hook and loop, that is right below the buttons, so that it grips the hook and loop that you have attached to your machine.  This will secure the alignment of the holes over the buttons and should eliminate any frustration with mis-alignment of the holes.  Repeat the process for the other side of the detector, position the holes over the buttons and then slowly withdraw the butter knife, check the alignment and then push the hook and loop stitched tab down to grip the tabs that you placed on your machine.

Let me know how that works for you.  Thank you, Doc

Equinox Complete Cover Package: Grey Digi Camo Control Head And Arm Cuff Cover $59.95
Equinox Control Head Cover ONLY $48.95
Equinox Arm Cuff Cover ONLY  $22.95

Equinox Covers

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