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Kangaroo Scrotum Gold Nugget Pouch, Yes they are real!

Manufacturer: #01 Doc's Exclusive Product

These are real Kangaroo Scrotums.  They are tanned and laced to make seamless super tough pouches.  They smell just like leather, but are much softer and tougher than cowhide.  Aboriginal people used these pouches for years to put dried items in.

NO, Kangaroos are not killed just to get these pouches.  Kangaroos are not an endangered species.  In fact just the opposite.  They are over-populated and cause immense damage to the agricultural industry in Australia.  For this reason the Australian government licenses the taking of Kangaroos each year in order to control the population and limit destruction to the economy.

As a by product of the harvest, the meat of the Kangaroo is used for food.  The hide is used to make baseball gloves, as well as soccer shoes and a variety of items in which leather is the perfect material.

HOWEVER, misguided laws in California have wrongly decided that Kangaroos are apparently endangered and have made it illegal to possess items made of Kangaroo hide in California.  This move has angered the Australian government because it hurts them economically, not to be able to export the hide.  For this reason we are unable to ship this item to California.

Retail Price: $23 each

Your Price: $19 for 1 35 for 2

Kangaroo Scrotum Nugget Coin Pouch

No California Sales!