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Gold Screamer® Power Pack Regulator Amplifier Battery System 14 oz.

Manufacturer: #01 Doc's Exclusive Product

Doc’s Gold Screamer® Power Pack

Lose the cord,
Lose the bulk and weight of the stock battery,
PUMP up the volume to hear faint targets,
help eliminate EM Interference

For the GPX 4000, 4500, 4800 and 5000


SD2000, SD2100, SD2200, GP Extreme, GP3000, GP3500
Makes these older machines really find gold.
The amplification
helps you hear nuggets that
you have been missing.

14 ounces gives you 7 to 8 hours of detecting power with 1 battery (system comes with two batteries), with the awesome amplification power of Doc’s famous Gold Screamer amp.

We took the Gold Screamer amp, and added two 7000 mAh battery for the lightest, loudest power solution you will find for your Minelab Pulse Induction Machines.

What do you get?

2 – 7000 mAh Lithium on Batteries (Uses 1 battery at a time for 7 – 8 hours of detecting for each battery), 1 Gold Screamer Power Pack regulator amplifier, 1 Deluxe AC/DC Dual Battery Charger with dual charging gauge, and a Control Box cover with integrated pouch to house your cordless solution to detecting.

What we have come to notice is that by eliminating the big curly power cord and using a little short cord that is hard wired into the Gold Screamer with the other end having the 5 or 4 pin plug that attaches to your control box, all of a sudden these machines are running smoother.

Now along with the fact that you are getting rid of the curly cord, and the problem with getting caught on branches, we are speculating that perhaps some of the EMI has been caused by the big curly cord.

We know connection points are a weak chain in the link and they can cause interference, so the fewer the better. The curly power cord has two connectors, and if you were attempting to use an amplifier that meant even more connection points. With the GOLD SCREAMER POWER PACK there is one connector, the one that plugs into the detector. You have the power to run your detector, and massive amplification to hear even the faintest targets.  The volume control amplifies up to 500% of what you would hear without it.  Way too much for headphones so start off with the volume control around 25% of the full rotation.  When you use a speaker you will need the extra power to drive the speaker.

Making the detector run smoother was simply an unexpected benefit. The real benefit is the reduced weight, and the freedom of not being hooked up to your detector with a curly cord.

One Minelab Lithium Ion battery costs $450, and the amplification from the Minelab battery is good, but it may not be enough for people with hearing impairment. Doc’s Gold Screamer Power Pack is ONLY $469 and it comes with two batteries. Because our system is modular, if you need yet another battery it is only an additional $55.

If you need an optional External Speaker, it is regularly $55.95, if you buy it with the system it is an additional $36. If it is too hot for headphones, or you want to be able to train someone, the speaker is an excellent tool.

IMPORTANT!  Please specify which detector you will be using the Power Pack on.

System is $469, with Optional Speaker $505

Individual Components, Batteries, Chargers, etc. CLICK HERE

Retail Price: $529

Your Price: $469

Gold Screamer Power Pack

s&h additional for International!