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Detector Protector Hat, Protect Your Skin, Extremely Comfortable with Headphones

Manufacturer: #01 Doc's Exclusive Product

The hat I wore in N. Sudan Africa to protect myself from the intense sun and unrelenting heat.
Attractive?  Not exactly the adjective that I would use to describe this hat.  Functional?  You bet.
This hat, is completely size adjustable via an elastic band that secures in the back with a Velcro® type hook and loop closure.  The hat is made of very soft t-shirt like material that absorbs moisture while it protects you from direct sunlight because of a SPF rating of 50.
Do you know how your ears get so sweaty and damp when wearing a pair of headphones in the summer?  Well this hat really helps.

Wearing your headphones over the material does not interfere with the sound at all.  But what it does do is it wicks the moisture away from your ears.  The cloth, covering your ears, directs the moisture out of the headphone cup.  It seeps under the headphone cup to the exterior where it evaporates.  This actually helps keep your ears dry and comfortable.
The Detector Protector hat also has numerous Velcro® type tabs stitched at strategic locations so you can close the neck protector portion around the front of your neck, place part of it over your nose and mouth.  Or you can tab it in the back on those over cast days where you don’t need so much protection.  Or gather it in the back and pull it through the elastic loop in the back to get it completely off of your neck.
Obviously this  “DP” hat was not designed to make a fashion statement.  But it will protect you from the sun and allow you to detect in more comfort than you have ever experienced with any other hat.

Retail Price: $34.95

Your Price: $29.95

The Protector Detector Hat