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Quick Start Guide (2 plastic cards) for GPX 4500, 4800 5000

Manufacturer: #01 Doc's Exclusive Product

You’ve got the top of the line. GPX5000, GPX4800 or GPX4500! Are You Sure You Are Adjusting it Correctly?

© copyright 2014, G.M. “Doc” Lousignont, Ph.D.
no portion may be copied or reproduced in any manner what-so-ever

Get Doc’s Quick Start Guide Card and BE SURE!

  • DOC as usual you have come up with a simple idea to deal with a complex issue.  DVDs help greatly in visually and audibly showing people things like swing speed and what the detector sounds like when waved over a target. Your cards will help cement that information when people are in the field and need a quick refresher on the plethora of setting combinations available on the GPX series.  Having confidence that your detector has the correct settings is vital in the search for gold.  If your not sure, it has a huge impact on your perception of the outcome.  Doubt is so corrosive, especially when your not finding anything, having access to DOC’s durable quick reference guide will assist greatly in this.  – Jonathan Porter, World Famous Gold Prospecting Expert, Australia
  • Doc,  received your cards the other day, great job.  I usually carry a pocket full of flash cards with GPX 5000 info, they do not last long. Great durability and info. -Rick B.
  • I received my cards the other day. I think they will be extremely convenient for me. The number of settings and options on the 5000 are too many for me to remember and these cards will solve that problem. When I am learning a new detector I  always carry the manual with me. These cards will be much easier to carry and use in the field. They will fit in my large shirt pocket or in my cargo pants pocket. -Fred M.

Don’t feel bad, over 90% of the owners of these fantastic machines are guessing about the settings, and are not sure they are getting peak performance.  They’re not finding gold like Doc finds with his GPX5000.  This is a picture of “some” of the actual gold nuggets found by Doc.  If you’re not finding gold like this, WHY NOT?

Have you ever said to yourself:

  • I’m finding little shallow gold, but I don’t seem to be getting any depth.
  • Hot rocks are driving me crazy, I thought this machine was supposed to handle hot rocks.
  • I can’t get this machine to quiet down, it drives me nuts.
  • I’ve been using this machine for months.  Why haven’t I found one piece of gold?
  • The instruction manual is too big, I just need something to tell me how to set the machine.
  • What coil should I use for optimum performance if I want to use the advance soil timings?

“I’m Doc, from Doc’s Detecting Supply.  I am one of only 15 Certified Minelab Gold Machine Trainers in the United States.  I have been using Minelab machines since 1990.  I know these machines inside and out.  Not only have I trained hundreds of people how to use the GPX5000 and GPX4800 machines, I have actually trained other Minelab Dealers and Minelab Staff members how to use these machines.  Using my Quick Start Guide I will help you set your machine up correctly and have you detecting in about three minutes.”

Here’s what a prospector in Australia wrote to me:

“Dear Doc, I can’t believe I had to contact you to find out how to set this machine proper.  The GPX5000’s are made in Australia, you would think that the guy who sold it to me would have been able to give me instructions.  All I had been finding until I started using your settings was shallow small gold.  Thanks to your instructions, the first 2 days out I found my first 1 plus ounce nugget at depth.  Thanks mate!”  G.B. from Australia


The Minelab GPX series machines represent an amazing technological break through.  However, there are literally tens of thousands of combinations of settings.  Learn the Secrets that will make you a proficient gold hunter with your Minelab Gold Machine.  My QUICK START GUIDE will give you a fast and dirty way to set up your machine that will handle 95% of the situations you are detecting in.

No more guessing at the settings.  I’ll have you up and running in 3 minutes.  You’ll know how to find small gold, bigger deep gold, handle hot rocks, handle hot ground, and quiet your machine down.


• Flexible
• Waterproof
• Convenient 4 X 6 inches
• Printed on both sides
• Full Color
• Scratch resistant
• Professionally printed in the United States!
NOT some home printed and laminated card.

BUY NOW and GET Doc’s GPX5000 SUPPLEMENTAL Information Guide FREE: That’s 2 cards!

For a limited time I will include my Supplemental Information guide with advanced settings.

The First Quick Start Guide will take care of 95% of detecting conditions.  The Second Supplemental card will help you with some advanced settings for unusual ground conditions.


Get 2 FREE GPX5000 Soil Timings Quick Reference Label Stickers

UV  Protected Full Color Vinyl Adhesive Label

2 inches X 9 inches

Mount on upper rod, so you always remember what settings to
use on your Minelab GPX5000 GPX4800 4500 for the best results.

Get Doc’s GPX5000 / GPX4800 / GPX 4500 Quick Start Guide Card and GPX Supplemental Information Card for $12 plus $3 s&h

*Additional shipping may apply for international shipping

Buy two sets for $20 plus $4 s&h U.S. shipping only
*Additional shipping may apply for international shipping

Retail Price: $15

Your Price: $12

Quick Start Guide GPX5000, GPX4800, GPX4500 Soil Timing Labels