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SMART CHARGER AC for Minelab SD/GP Sealed Gel Cell Battery

Manufacturer: #01 Doc's Exclusive Product


Gel Cell Smart Charger for 6 volt SD/GP Minelab Batteries


NEVER NEVER NEVER use the Minelab supplied AC home charger to charge your Sealed Gel Cell Lead Acid Batteries that come in 6V 12ah and 6V 7ah variations.

The AC charger supplied by Minelab has no safety circuit built in to turn off when your battery is fully charged.  I personally experience an incident in which I forgot the battery was charging.  I left it plugged in for 3 days.  I noticed what smelled like sewage or Sulphur.  I finally discovered the battery which was extremely hot, and had swollen to about 125% of it’s size because the plastic was softened from the heat.  Gel acid had leaked all over the table.  That was the day I threw away the Minelab supplied charger and started looking for a safe alternative.

Lert me say this, the Minelab supplied CAR CHARGER is perfectly safe, it has an overcharge protection circuit in it.  If you want to use the car charger but want to use it in your home you can get an AC to DC converter and just plug your car charger into it, it’s a great alternative to have a separate home charger.

This charger that Doc sells is very safe to use.  It monitors when your battery is fully charged and then turns off and goes into monitoring mode.  If your battery drains a bit, it turns back on to top it off then goes back into monitoring mode.  Your battery will always be fully charged and ready to go.

Retail Price: $74.95

Your Price: $69.95

6 volt Smart Charger for Minelab SD/GP batteries Flat s&h $10 in U.S. Additional Shipping charge for International Orders